Boards owners:

  • The preparation of notices of meetings.
  • Composing and sending all owners of the minutes of the Boards and their transcription to the «Book of Acts».

Control of expenditure:

  • Preparation of the Annual Budget of Expenses.
  • Monthly sent to the President of the Community of abstract book detailing income and expenditure.
  • The issuance and management of bill payment.

Claims processing

  • Communication and contact with the insurance co.
  • Continuous monitoring until resolution of the incidence.

Legal advice

  • We have a specialized legal service Condominium.

Joint Meeting Room

  • We provide a living Communities Together.

Maintenance and preservation of farms

  • Disponemos de medios técnicos y humanos para el mantenimiento y conservación que pueda precisar su Comunidad.
  • Budget request.
  • We handle all the technical reports that may be required.

Why choose us?

Extensive professional experience

Prourca is formed by a group of professionals specializing in Management and Administration of Estates, aimed at meeting the demand for a professional and transparent service in the administration of their housing.

Custody of documents

Archive of documents, invoices, service contracts, LOPD, etc..

Clear accounts

We sent a report to the address of the President telling them about the economic situation of their community.

Guarantee, advice and expertise

Our extensive knowledge of professionals and companies that can solve any problem keeping their community with high quality and even price as optimal as possible.